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Experience the Power of NLP

2 dates available -  

16th December and 8th January

10.30am - 4pm

Join double award winning Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer Jo Creed for this empowering workshop and experience the power of NLP for yourself, your coaching, your relationships and your communication.`

Interested in finding out more about NLP?

Join us for a day of empowerment and learning

Join others who are determined to make a difference to their lives

Be prepared to have fun, learn, laugh, interact, get incredible support and experience new ways of thinking! 

Stop your inner voice holding you back

Understand how the stories you are telling yourself are keeping you stuck, or stopping you achieving the things you want to achieve and how you can change your internal story.

Learn how to be the best version of you

Experience how to know who you really are now and how NLP can make a difference to your confidence and self-esteem.

Overcome life's obstacles

Find out how you can have choice over how you view the obstacles in life and how this choice enables you to have the means to easily overcome those obstacles and improve your resilience.

Learn new ways to improve your communication and coaching

See the difference that just some of the powerful language tools of NLP can make to your communication, and how adding the vast array of NLP coaching techniques can enable you to work at a deeper level with your clients and colleagues to promote sustainable shifts in their thinking, emotions and behaviour.

“NLP really prepares you to go out and give the whole of you… you can use it in any discipline at all” – Susanna Sefa

Bookings have now closed for this workshop. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be advised of future workshops

"I did this course not sure what I was going to get out of it but I feel it has changed my life for the better…. This course exceeded my expectations and I’m so glad I did it! I can’t recommend it highly enough. I now feel proud to be part of the Beyond NLP family" – Jane Watson, GP

So what is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) was co-founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970’s and has since been developed to provide an amazingly powerful array of communication, coaching and personal development tools. It takes the best of the best of psychological and sociological disciplines, neurological studies and behavioural science and puts these together to produce behavioural change models plus tools to combat and control negative emotions and ways of thinking to enable you to achieve your desired goals and outcomes

NLP works at both the conscious and unconscious level and allows us to develop a deep understanding of our unconscious blocks and establish a healthy relationship with the power of our unconscious mind.

Through the power of NLP you can let go of negative emotions, learn to control your critical inner voice, empower yourself and your relationships and change your unhelpful and unwanted behavioural and thought patterns.

Becoming an NLP coach or adding NLP to your coaching repertoire means that you can enable others to make fast and lasting change beyond their expectations.

Meet your trainer - Jo Creed

Jo Creed provides your training. She, the rest of the team and the whole Beyond NLP family, are there to offer continuous support. With her background in human and business psychology, Jo is also a double award winning NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and has trained 1000’s of people in the art of applying NLP to their lives and passing on these skills to those who are important to them.

Everything Jo does is centred around supporting the Beyond NLP family. She doesn’t believe in just providing you with standard NLP training and then closing the door. Her NLP training is packed full of content, exploring the many communication tools and behaviour techniques that NLP has to offer and then spending time with you to look at how this can be applied to your personal, work, social and family lives.

Many people attend Jo’s NLP training with the initial idea that they will use what they learn to assist others, perhaps in a coaching, mentoring or leadership context. All of this they get, and they also realise very early on in her NLP courses they also get so much for themselves and their own development: ways to handle previously difficult situations, increased confidence and self-esteem, improved resilience, greatly enhanced communication skills and a new outlook on life.

Those people who want to enhance their coaching skills, or train as a coach, find that they leave the full NLP courses with a huge toolbox of skills that will enable their clients to make quick and lasting change, as well as an understanding of the fundamental coaching skills required to be the best coach they can be.

Before Jo formed Beyond Training Solutions, she was an experienced trainer and worked at senior level in primary healthcare and within both the public and commercial sectors.

Jo has been there on the hamster wheel of stress, guilt, over work and feeling trapped. She has juggled motherhood, a successful career, family responsibilities, financial pressures and admits to, at times dropping more than a few balls!

Through her own NLP learning journey she realised that she didn’t have to stay on the hamster wheel for the rest of her life. She took control of her life and moved herself up the priority list of her own thinking and caring.

At the age of 40 (ish!), she decided it was time to stop doing the things she thought she should do and start doing the things she wanted to do.

Jo has always been driven to enable people to achieve far more than they thought they could, so she decided to take her passion and her 18 years coaching and training experience into setting up Beyond Training Solutions and, therefore, Beyond NLP Training.

Not only does Jo now enjoy providing empowering training, coaching and facilitation for individuals and organisations, she is committed to training high quality coaches to help meet the needs of those who live in the busy and pressurised society of today.